Free Pesticide Pick-Up Day

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Free Pesticide Pick-Up Day

Do you have pesticides at your home, business or farm that you no longer need or use?

If your answer is ‘yes,” then you’ll be interested to know that The N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service’s Pesticide Disposal Assistance Program, in cooperation with the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Jackson County Center and Jackson County Government, will be offering this Pesticide Collection Day for residents in Jackson and Swain counties and the surrounding area.

County Agricultural Extension Agent Christy Bredenkamp will be the local contact for the event. The Collection will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, September  25, 2019, at the Cullowhee Recreation Center’s parking lot on 88 Cullowhee Mountain Rd, Cullowhee, NC

Pesticides that will be accepted include the following: insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, fumigants, rodenticides and growth regulators. For pesticides with unreadable or missing labels, please contact the Cooperative Extension Office for instructions. Please save any portion of the label to help identify the material so you can be assisted with disposal. Unknown materials cannot be accepted.

Other hazardous materials, such as paint, antifreeze, solvents, etc. will not be accepted at this collection day. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get rid of your unwanted dusty old pesticides!

For additional information, contact Christy Bredenkamp at phone # 586-4009 or 488-3848 with the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Jackson and Swain County Centers.