N.C. Welcomes First Hemp Harvest in Decades

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Hemp, Inc. mill to process some of state’s first hemp harvests

Hemp, Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin visits the Dunn hemp farm in North Carolina. (Courtesy of Hemp Inc.)

DUNN, N.C. — The hemp plant has been illegal to grow in North Carolina for nearly 90 years. But since North Carolina began allowing farmers to plant hemp seeds this year, the state is now welcoming its first harvest of hemp in decades.

North Carolina-based Hemp, Inc., a global leader in the industrial hemp industry with the largest hemp mill in the western hemisphere, is well positioned to help hemp farms throughout the state process their harvest into goods they can sell.

Among those farms harvesting hemp is Keith Dunn Jr.’s hemp farm, just outside of Dunn, North Carolina. On Sept. 9, over 50 volunteers helped make history by helping with the harvest.

Hemp, Inc. aided the Dunn farm with its new hemp crop – and is purchasing the stalks and roots, paying 10% above market price to help support North Carolina hemp farmers. Read more about Hemp, Inc.’s commercial industrial hemp processing facility and the Company’s efforts to aid family farms here: https://www.cashinbis.com/hemp-inc-opens-americas-largest-facility/

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