Guidelines to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

— Written By Sherrie Peeler and last updated by Kerri Rayburn

Two weeks ago I had my knee repaired for a torn meniscus so I had plenty of time to read, reflect, and watch television. Do you remember watching programs that featured various cultures that seemed to have acquired more longevity to their lives than we as Americans do?

Well, I discovered one right here among us in the United States. They are the Advents. Many of us refer to them as Seven-day Adventist. Ellen White was the founder of this most unique group that not only supports the spiritual well being of their congregation but they also maintain support for a healthy life style within it as well. Many Advents enjoy living 10 healthy years longer than the rest of us. Their close fellowship and life style support of one another are credited for providing this longevity.

They also operate several hospitals across the United States that you may recognize but like myself, did not make the Advent connection. Loma Linda University Hospital, where Barney Clark preformed the first infant heart transplant on Baby Fae; Saint Helena Hospital in the Napa Valley, treating obesity with a holistic approach, and Florida Medical in Orlando, providing state of the art treatment for prostate cancer.

One of the researchers at Saint Helena Hospital suggests FIVE things we can all do to reduce our risk of cancer.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. No Smoking
  5. Consume less red meat

Gluten-Free-FoodHer research shows that only 3% of our population do all three. Four decades ago 25% of the US populations was overweight. Today our population is nearly 70% obese. The most rapidly growing group is the morbidly obese who are 100 pounds or more over weight.

After my follow up visit for my knee I also had my eyes examined while I was in Asheville. I got teary eyed when the doctor reviewed the many test she preformed on my eyes. The MOPD was low and her suggestion was to eat more fruits and vegetables. So at my home we will be consuming more broccoli, kale, spinach, olive oil, and avocado. I was teary because one of the surgeons at the Advent hospital in Florida stated that when he operated on an individual he knew their diet. Even the eye doctor knew my diet.

“Faithful Families Eat Smart and Move More” is a program we offer here at Cooperative Extension that will help us reach those FIVE guidelines to reduce your risk of cancer. Please call us at 828-586-4009 if your church would be interested in participating in our program.