New Poultry Club Starting in Jackson County

— Written By and last updated by Kerri Rayburn

There’s a new Poultry Club starting in Jackson County. Are you raising chickens? Do you want to get started? There is renewed interest in raising backyard livestock and the Macon County Poultry Club has offered to help us get a new club started here in Jackson County. The club is for adults and children and will probably include a monthly meeting with a program and a support network for those raising birds. The exact details will be up to the group to decide. Families are encouraged to get involved and raise chickens together.

Join us for the organizational meeting of the Jackson County Poultry Club on Thursday, January 29th, 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
 at the Jackson County Cooperative Extension Office (Community Service Center). Call 586-4009 for more information or directions.

A couple of things to keep in mind about raising backyard chickens:

·      Be sure there aren’t any restrictions, ordinances, or covenants that may prohibit you from keeping poultry on your property.

·      Think carefully about your ability to provide the necessary care. “A home flock needs fresh food and water every day, you must gather eggs every day, and you must make sure that the flock always has a clean, dry shelter. This means that someone must be available to care for the birds seven days a week, every week” (NCCES, Keeping Garden Chickens in NC)

·      Are you raising the birds for meat or eggs? This determines the breed of chicken you will want to raise.

·      Consider the space you have available for chickens in order to make a decision about how many birds you want to raise.

·      Chickens should be kept in a confined space, called a coop, for their safety. The coop includes a dry shelter and an outdoor area, all surrounded by a fence.

Whether you’re exploring the idea of raising chickens, or you’ve already been doing so for a while, you are invited to join the new Poultry Club. We hope to see you on January 29 at the Jackson County Extension Office. Please contact me for more information at 586-4009 or